Research & Development

Medicine / 01

Clinical Research

Our clinical research team is responsible for supporting the conduct of research studies, including within primary care. Patients who are recruited to our studies in primary care express very positive comments. Many of them are excited about access to new treatments, tests and improved monitoring and feel it is altruistic to give something back to the community and healthcare system. Medical staff who participate in our studies also respond with an increase in job satisfaction and overall quality of service.
InfoTech / 02

Artificial Intelligence in Healthcare

The future of healthcare is amazing. AI in healthcare has huge and far-reaching potential. Everything from patient-centered and patient-tailored care to medical diagnostics and pain management to mobile coaching solutions fall under the umbrella of what can be achieved with machine learning.
Law / 03

Legal Framework & Patients Rights

We are passionate about the mutual rights of patients and medical professionals and their desire for excellent health care. Use our legal expertise to build trust, improve quality, safety, patient comfort and profit margins, and achieve an equal footing with regulators, insurers and pharmaceutical companies.
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