NewLife – Bariatric Surgery

NewLife – Bariatric Surgery

This program has been created to provide patients with complete weight-loss support before and after their procedure. With the help of our network of surgeons and our team psychologist and nutritionist, patients return home with all of the necessary resources and tools to begin their journey to their new life.


The surgery is usually for men who are at least 100 pounds overweight and women who are at least 80 pounds overweight. If you are somewhat less overweight, surgery still might be an option if you also have diabetes, heart disease or sleep apnea.
Weight loss surgery limits the amount of food you can take in and some operations also restrict the amount of food you can digest. Many people who have the surgery lose weight quickly, so If you follow diet and exercise recommendations, you can keep most of the weight off.

As with any serious surgery, there is a risk of complications, including infections, hernias and blood clots.

Our Program:

a. Medical

► New Life features 4 top-notch surgeons, lead by Dr. Carlos Quesada, one of Costa Rica’s top bariatric physicians.
► All of our procedures are performed at JCI accredited facilities such as CIMA Hospital or Clinica Catolica in San Jose.
► The price of the procedure includes all costs associated with doctor fees, anesthisiologist fees, hospital fees, medical supplies, post-op pain medication and antibiotics as well as post-op appointments.
► The price also includes psychological support from one of our specialists, as well as nutritional support by an expert who will help you draft a plan for the first year after surgery.

b. Case Manager

► Patient has a single point of contact throughout the entire experience.
► Case Manager coordinates all aspects of patient’s trip.
► 100% bilingual support.

c. All-inclusive

► Airport transfers with Case Manager waiting for patient at the airport
► Transportation to and from medical appointments
► Best available rates at recovery facility with 24 hour nurse available, all meals included, cable TV and wireless Internet

d. Procedures

► Gastric Bypass
► Gastric Sleeve
► Gastric Band

Want to Learn More?

► Fill out our no obligation MEDICAL HISTORY QUESTIONNAIRE
► Initial consultation: Upon review of your information, your Case Manager will call you to discuss your treatment alternatives.
► Medical Tourism Program: After contacting you, our team will design a medical tourism program to fit all of your needs.
► Payment: Once you are satisfied with the final program, we send you an invoice where you can safely pay your deposit through Paypal.