Different Forms Of Cheap Tanning Lotions For Different Uses

Different Forms Of Cheap Tanning Lotions For Different Uses

The cost of protecting ourselves from the harmful effects of radiation from the sun can seem shockingly expensive. We spend the money because it is preferable to damaging our skin and risking cancer. If we are prepared to look, it turns out we can find top quality, big name brand cheap tanning lotions.

Suntan enthusiasts may not be aware that there are different cheap tanning lotions out there for different usage scenarios. For instance, products for working on a suntan naturally are different from those used in salons or without exposure to ultraviolet (UV) radiation. Products for outdoor use are rated using what is called a sun protection factor (SPF). The greater the SPF factor, the longer the user can remain in the sun without causing damage to their skin. Not everybody wants protection from UV rays. For them, there are cheap tanning lotions that actively focus the rays of the sun onto the skin’s surface to facilitate development of a suntan.

Babies and young children should always use a high-factor SPF protection when exposed to the sun. People with pale or freckled skin are also vulnerable to damage and should also use cheap tanning lotions with a high SPF factor. Skin cancer rates are increasing so everyone should consider using at least low SPF-factor protection for at least some of the hours they are exposed to the sun’s rays.

Some people prefer to work on their suntan indoors on a special bed or in a booth at a salon. They need to use special cheap tanning lotions that are formulated for this purpose. These contain mainly melanin, which is a dark pigment that the ski produces naturally to prevent the oversynthesis of Vitamin D in response to sunlight.

These cheap tanning lotions are created especially for use with an ultra-violet light source such as a bed or a booth. They do not offer protection from the sun nor do they contain sunscreen. Another effect of these cheap tanning lotions that accelerates development of a sun tan is by increasing blood flow to the skin.

Some of the ingredients used in indoor cheap tanning lotions are L-tyrosine and melanin. L-tyrosine is a non-essential amino acid. Extracts of green tea, copper and tea oil may also be found in these products. It should be noted that tanning beds all use a protective shield made from 100 per cent acrylic. The types of oils that are found in cheap tanning lotions designed for use when working on an outdoor suntan damage this acrylic surface and should not be used indoors for this very reason.

There are also products available that help the user mimic the appearance of a suntan without exposing themselves to harmful UV rays from the sun or from an indoor source. These cheap tanning lotions are gaining popularity as reports linking UV exposure to skin cancer and other types of damage continue to appear in the popular press. Many of these products use carotenoids, chemicals that occur naturally in fruits and vegetables, especially carrots.

One carotenoid that is safe for use at high chronic doses is Lycopene. This may also provide protection from certain forms of cancer. Not all carotenoids are this safe. Products for all types of suntan generation can be found in the form of cheap tanning lotions. This article is intended for the sole purpose of providing information and is not to be considered as medical advice.

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