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Healthy CoffeeYour Vote Will Tell Me To Do This Business or Not

ShareWhy Didnt I Think of That?

For me it was one of those why didnt I think of that obvious once you hear it.  And now for the rest of the story

I was born at night but not last night. I  knew I was being invited to a business opportunity meeting.  The lady did it so well and with my focus on networking since your network is your net worth I felt this was a good networking opportunity.

I Achieved My Networking Goal and I Was Surprised

The coffee tastes great.if you know me you know I am very particular about my coffeeand I know you are too.

The coffee is good for your health with Guanaderma Lucerdum  Go ahead and say that 10 times fast.  More on that in another article. For now know this stuff is good for you and the Chinese have know about it for thousands of years.

It is easy to introduce coffee to others

This coffee is affordable unlike products from other network marketing companies.

Organo Gold has a this is simple mindset.  Its just coffee that is also healthy

No restrictions on selling it to retail outlets and using it as a product line for fundraisers.  ( My good friend and minister of my church will hear about this in the morning. Yes I have a meeting in the morning with her.

There are alternatives to coffee including green tea and hot chocolate

Organo Gold is growing a  rapidly growing international company that grew from $17 million in volume to $50 million in revenue in one year.

Did I Become A Distributor?  No!

I am experienced enough to know that I often act quick when something like this looks so obvious as a winner to me.  I also have the experience to know what is obvious to me is not necessarily obvious to the marketplace.

I felt this was different.  I have felt that in the past

I am very busy with most days finding me challenged to complete my Top 5.  Adding another opportunity is not on the agenda.  Something kept saying Steve it is coffee and you and gazillions of others like coffee. Steve this is healthy coffee helloooo!

I can get the coffee wholesale no problem. That is not why I created this site.  Bottom line I want to know if there are enough people interested in this product and this business opportunity so I am happy spending the time developing this business.

Would You Want To Explore Working With Me and Growing This Business?

To answer this question, just register here for more information and will communicate with you by email. Nobody is going to call you unless you want me to.  No pressure, no get in right now stuff.

It has been only a short while since I was introduced to Organo Gold and I have to tell you it makes  a lot of sense to me.  So tell me you agree or tell me Im nuts.

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