Principle of Green Tea Diet:The aromatic

Principle of Green Tea Diet:The aromatic

Principle of Green Tea Diet:

The aromatic compounds in the green tea can dissolve fat. It eliminates dirt and dissolves fat. It can also prevent the fat accumulated within the body. Vitamin B1, C and caffeine can increase the production of gastric juice so to help digestion and Cellulite. Catechins in green tea can help antioxidant, increase metabolism and scavenge free radicals and so on. It can thus activate the protein kinase and triglyceride fat enzyme in order to reduce the accumulation of fat cells and achieve weight loss result.

Suitable group: Obesities due to slow metabolism.

Green Tea Diet method and key note: Drink it an hour after dinner. If drink it immediately after dinner, it is likely to cause anemia in a long run. Therefore, wait until an hour after meal, the iron in the food will be completely absorbed. At that time, drink tea will not affect the absorption of iron. 1000ml per day is enough. It is because green tea contains a lot of tannin. If you drink too much of tea, tannin and iron will combine to form an insoluble material and it will hinder from the absorption of iron. Do not drink more than 1000 ml per day otherwise it will cause anemia due to iron deficiency. For those who suffer from anemia, ulcers, menstrual or vegetarians are not suitable to drink green tea.

Green tea diet magic 1 – catechin can dissolve fat

Except caffeine, tea catechins can also increase the rate of metabolism and fat metabolism persistently. It is a kind of tannin which is the source of green tea astringency.
In fact, both of green or black tea contains catechins. It is just that we now believe that the proportion of catechins in the unfermented green tea is higher than those within black tea.
Catechins can enhance energy production and promote fat oxidation and the consumption of energy within 24 hours. It can also stimulate fat hydrolysis and inhibit the activity of pancreatic lipase.
Drink a cup of green tea after a meal can prevent the rapid rise in blood sugar and help to reduce the production of the hormone which encourages the accumulation of fat.

Green tea diet magic 2 – lower blood pressure and cholesterol level

Tannic acid in green tea has a good effect on. It cannot only inhibit the rise in blood pressure but it can reduce the high blood pressure to a lower level.
Research has proved that the tannic acid can get rid of the extra cholesterol in the blood. It can control the speed of the evolution of atherosclerosis to the minimum level. It has a positive effect on cerebral blood tie and prevention of myocardial infarction.

Things to be aware for Green tea diet

When to drink tea: Drink after dinner. It helps to dissolve fat. In order to avoid insomnia, try not to drink it before bedtime.
How to drink tea: The water temperature should not be too high when you brew by yourself. However, it should not be cold water. If you want to lose weight, you should not add any sugar or other ingredients.
Nutrition will be lost from high-temperature brewing: Green tea is more easily oxidized than other kinds of tea. The expired date is relatively short. You should finish it as soon as possible once you bought it or stored it in the fridge. High temperatures will destroy the healthy ingredients. Therefore, the water temperature should not be too high while you brew it. It should be about 176 degree. The temperature for brewing green tea should be about 140 degree.

Should not drink it with an empty stomach: The nature of green tea is cool and it contains caffeine. If it is too strong, the amount of caffeine will increase. Therefore, you should not drink it with an empty stomach in order to avoid harming the stomach.