How To Build Muscle Up With Less Work

How To Build Muscle Up With Less Work

The best way to build muscle up with the least amount of work actually involves many things different than you''re probably doing them right now. First, you need to find the best protein supplement for the job. That means realizing that what you''ve been using is unlikely to be the best protein supplement for building muscle quickly.

You don''t have to have all the expensive and heavy equipment that the pros use. You don''t need a personal trainer. You probably don''t need a dietary specialist or nutritionist, at least not to help you build muscle up. (We''d never encourage you to ditch your dietitian or any medical professional who you''re already using for health reasons though, of course.)

What you do need is a little faith to try a different kind of workout schedule, enough self-discipline to work out consistently and record all of your efforts and results, and the willingness to eat lots and lots of food, as well as taking protein that doesn''t come from whey protein supplements.

Casein is actually really a better option than whey for people who want to build muscle up. Most think that whey is better because of its faster absorption rate, but in fact the slower absorption rate of casein is better for you and provides a more consistent source of protein for your muscles, whether you take the powder right after a workout or before bed. You can even take it in the morning with breakfast for a long-time source of muscle fuel.

Just don''t work out too much. If you''re doing many sets of the same exercise already in each workout, and working out more than two or three times each week, you''re overdoing it. Your muscles can only take so much and at a certain point your workouts become counterproductive.