eDrugSearch.com's Healthcare 100 Adds New Metrics and Features - Articles & News About Health

eDrugSearch.com's Healthcare 100 Adds New Metrics and Features - Articles & News About Health

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eDrugSearch.com''s Healthcare 100 Adds New Metrics and Features

San Antonio, TX (PRWEB) July 30, 2008 -- eDrugSearch.com announced today that the Healthcare 100 (http://www.healthcare100.com), the popular directory and ranking system for health and medical blogs, has added new features and enhanced its algorithm by incorporating a broader range of metrics.

"Since we launched the Healthcare 100 in June 2007, the directory has grown to more than 900 blogs -- with hundreds of bloggers submitting their Web addresses to our list," says Cary Byrd, president of eDrugSearch.com and creator of the directory. "The Healthcare 100 was referenced by the Wall Street Journal in April, and many of the most respected and best-read health blogs display a Healthcare 100 badge on their sites."

To better serve Healthcare 100 bloggers and those who use the directory as a reference, eDrugSearch.com has added new metrics to its ranking system. In addition to Technorati rankings, Bloglines subscribers and Google PageRank, the Healthcare 100 now factors Yahoo InLinks and Alexa traffic rankings into its algorithm.

The Healthcare 100 also had added new features, including:

? Search by Name. Users can search by name for specific blogs in the Healthcare 100 and quickly find their Healthcare 100 stats.

? Content Search. Users can search the content of all blogs listed in the Healthcare 100 with a single query. This is a valuable reference tool for searching the content of hundreds of health and medical blogs by keyword or topic.

? Recent Posts Popup. Users can view a popup window displaying recent posts from individual Healthcare 100 blogs.

? OPML Feed. Users can access a feed including all Healthcare 100 blogs.

? Customized Badge. Bloggers can display a badge on their Web site that automatically displays their current Healthcare 100 ranking.

"People have come to trust and depend on the Healthcare 100, and we want to make it the best directory it can be," Byrd says. "Most of these new features are a direct response to blogger feedback, and we will continue to make enhancements to meet the needs of our users."

Based in San Antonio, eDrugSearch.com is the Health 2.0 social network and comparison shopping site for U.S. consumers seeking prescription medications (http://www.edrugsearch.com) from prescreened Canadian and other international pharmacies (http://www.edrugsearch.com/pharmacy-directory/). eDrugSearch.com''s social network empowers members to rate and review pharmacies, share experiences with other members, and more. eDrugSearch.com president and founder Cary Byrd is an impassioned advocate for reform of U.S. prescription-drug law. For more information, visit the company''s Web site at www.eDrugSearch.com or its blog at www.edrugsearch.com/edsblog.

This press release has been reprinted from PRWEB per the terms and conditions of the copyright notice.

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